Monday, June 22, 2009

Rocks that Smell Like the Ocean

Just a small update--after removing all the rose bushes this year, I finally got around to redoing one of the beds on the southeast side of the house. Last year, I took a trip with my brother to see Radiohead in Santa Barbara, and we stayed at the Presidio Motel there in town. It's a very modern/minimalist boutique motel that the owners Kenny and Chris did a great job of renovating. (Similar to the Jupiter in Portland, but MUCH quieter!) In talking to them about their renovations, one thing I really liked was this rock they had used sparingly to landscape the front of the motel. They had used some Mexican Beach Pebble, and I loved the way it looked. Modern and simple, and with an almost Japanese zen garden kind of quality. So, after searching around the Denver metro area for the better part of a year, I finally found it at Paulino Gardens.

So anyhow...pretty simple project. Hardest part was finding the damn rocks.

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