Monday, July 30, 2007

The Great Wall of S. Newton - Nearing Completion

The guys finished the gate and started staining the fence today. I think it looks good, though I think they're coming tomorrow to touch up some spots...or at least I hope they are! I'm digging the color of most of it, and the guys did an amazing job on the gate's knob. Very solid feel, and very clean aesthetically.

Oh and on another note, look at these guys--all FIVE of them waiting for me at 10pm last night when I came out to move the water...and they were seemingly not bothered by my presence.

Friday, July 27, 2007

The Great Wall of S. Newton

So, since we first moved to this house, one of the projects that we most wanted to take on was the front "privacy" fence that separates the courtyard area/house from the driveway. The fence that was there looked like something used in the cattle corral on our farm in Central Texas, not a fence for a MCM house in central Denver! To rebuild it ourselves would be a colossal project, and I'm willing to bet it wouldn't turn out exactly "professional." So as I write all this out, a crew of three guys are out there cutting 4x1" boards into 2x1" boards, cutting postholes in cement, and trying to get this thing done before the predicted thunderstorms come in tonight.

I have to say, between all the work we did ourselves on the inside and the big landscaping projects in the late sure is nice to sip coffee while the fence "builds itself." :) That said, the crew doing this has been incredibly competent and been great on communication, so I will take this chance to plug Skky Custom Homes ( Tune in for the next blog to see if the finished product is up to par, but so far we've been very happy with their work.