Sunday, April 12, 2009

You Will Have to Do Your Pull-Ups Elsewhere....

Just a small update--this weekend, I took it upon myself to remove the rest of the rose bushes (16 in all?) and while doing so, I decided to take on a slightly larger project--getting rid of the ridiculous pull-up bar that has been an eyesore in our courtyard area.

It actually took my mom seeing the thing to even tell us what it was. We suspected that it was a pull-up bar, but really...who would install a pull-up bar in their courtyard? (No offense to the Ramsey's--apparently they had use for it.)

Anyhow, upon digging down on both posts and realizing that this thing had a huge cement base entrenched below ground level, I ran to the 'Pot and bought a metal-cutting blade for the sawzall. Sawzall - 2, bushes/galvanized steel - 0! I didn't think it would be able to gut through the galvanized steel to be honest, but it took all of 30 minutes to get the thing knocked over. I'm going to leave the cement block there for eternity--no need to dig it out manually that I can see. There's video at the bottom for anyone who is interested in the moment of truth.



Anonymous said...

You pansy - you should have channeled your inner TEXAN and used your superpowers to rip it out of the ground!!!

I hope the adventures in Menard were everything you hoped they would be.

Amy said...

I'm really worried about those sharp edges on your pull-up bar base. Be sure to cover well. The soil might wash away. Perhaps cover with a bunch of duct or electrical tape?

Jeff said...

Wow, someone must have been pretty serious about doing pull-ups to go through the trouble of installing that bad-boy. Sorry I will not get to see it during my visit.