Wednesday, June 6, 2007

We are Adults: Part II

I'm not sure when we turned the corner. I think it was somewhere between the ages of 28 and a half and 30, some weird things become exciting. New silverware, mowing the lawn, learning how a swamp cooler works, painting baseboards (ok, we still haven't gotten to that yet--I think we might pay someone to do it because I'm really dreading that job), and new furniture.

But I have to say, we're pretty excited about this addition. Our first, real, adult, kitchen table that we can actually use for eating, entertaining, and well...we're still just gonna put stuff on it when we walk in like we always have, but nevertheless.

We went with the zebrawood top and the stainless steel base (from the "make your own table" series at Room & Board if you're interested). Modern, but not cold. And it will look good with any chair we choose, whether wood or with color. Dinner parties, coming to a house near you. Oh wait. I don't think that was included in that whole 28 and a half to 30 transition. I think that comes in two or three more years.

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