Sunday, June 24, 2007

More Rock!

With the first phase of the big landscaping more or less done, this project was much smaller comparitively. This time the project was done in one day. The goal? Fill in the 3x30' edge on the left side of the driveway with some rock. We picked a hot one to do it. Almost hit 100 here in Denver; while it isn't abnormal anymore, it's still not what you would hope for (today the high was 79, less than a week later).

My friend Steve, who owns a studio in town that my company frequents for its audio needs, was kind enough to lend me his sweet 1985 Ford F-150. For those of you in Texas, it's similarities to my dad's truck in Carrollton are uncanny. Just a little bigger, a little taller. Alas, only AM radio, so between that and having to use those little weird windows that turn wind into the cabin for AC (no AC in this truck--even the my dad's has that!), it was pretty nostalgic.

Jamie's friend/coworker Bonnie from Integer had a bunch of extra 2" river rock that she needed to get rid of, so between Steve's truck and Bonnie's free rock, this was the true meaning of adding sweat equity to the house. Other than the cost of gas and the loss of a Saturday (though we were done in time to grill on our grill for the first time and then go to Punk Rock's show later that night), this upgrade was about as "free" as a house project can be.

But I digress...about 8 hours later, two truckloads of rock, and two trips to northeast Denver, the project was completed:

Work Commences

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Jeff said...

Love that freakin' house. So many things that attract the eyes' attention. Nice job with the rock.